It came to me last night that most well users are not aware that the Ancaster Artesian Well water was deeded, by an easement, to the puplic; by Mr. Kennedy  when he sold his farm. The well is NOT owned by the H C A . A COPY of this DEED has come to light.  That means this water is LEGALLY OURS. That,s right .   ITS    YOUR WELL , YOUR WATER.

This is short notice but a meeting is scheduled Tuesday Oct 10 at 7 pm at the Copetown Community centre with the vice mayor LLoyd Ferguson and the local mp Ted mcmeekin    People have worked tirelessly to stop this closure but need  Your input, your voice,questions,ideas ,or just your show of support . On November 2 the HCA and City councilors will be voting on a closure.    Where will YOU go to get YOUR WATER if YOUR WELL IS CLOSED ,and closed it will be if YOU do not do YOUR part. A handful of people will not change the outcome but  “TOGETHER” we can demand that OUR well will remain open and be assured of good clean water for years to come.Bring a friend,bring ten. YOUR ATTENDANCE IS CRITICAL.

Thanks for listening . Darrell Ryckman

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