DONATE TO THE Save our Spring Legal Fund

The people of Ancaster and Dundas and even beyond have been using this historic water source for generations and want it preserved for generations to come. Recently, due to a change in the allowable limits of arsenic in drinking water The Hamilton Conservation Authority, the current caretakers of the well, have decided that the liability is too great and are propsing a plan to change its accessibility.

This is unacceptable to the users of the well as its presence in the community has always been one of open accessibility. It was originally gifted from the Kennedy family to the Township of Ancaster with the intention that it could only EVER be used by the community for the community for free. Access to all. The HCA purchased the property in 1998 and assumed this same mandate and until now have been upholding it.

This fund is the people’s legal fund to send our message to the HCA that we know of this historic site’s purpose and want it to be preserved. All funds will be used for whatever legal requirements are needed to achieve this goal. If successful, any leftover monies will be used either by a donation to the HCA as a goodwill gesture for their continued maintenance of the site or to whomever is successful in assuming that role into the future.