SOS – Disbands to form Valley Water Watchers (VWW) –

Many thanks to everyone who has volunteered in any capacity to save the Ancaster Well.

It seems we have reached a cross roads and the SOS “group” is formally disbanding.  Half of the original steering committee of SOS – Chris Krucker and Mary Anne Bastien have gone on to form the new group VWW who will work closely with the HCA.

This website and media channels will continue to report and support and any all activities that will continue to fight for free access to the Ancaster Well.


This message was sent 10-12 by the newly formed VWW’s 

T​hank you to everyone who was able to make it out to our meeting this week.  We had a vote at the end of the evening and there was overwhelming support for the well to stay open – and to continue to protect this precious water source.

We’re grateful to the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) staff and Councillor Ferguson for finding a way that will enable this to happen.  Details around access to the well will now be worked on.

Copies of the HCA ​Board motion were available at the meeting, but we ran out!  So in case you didn’t get a chance to see it, here it is.

And here’s the Powerpoint presentation that gave an overview of the survey we took at the well this past summer.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We can no longer use the SOS name, as we have mixed messages coming from our media outlets. So future communication will be from our new name, the Valley Water Watchers (VWW).  

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Thank you for your support – and we look forward to staying in touch!