Ancaster Well To Be Closed 6pm News July 26th CHCH TV

Ancaster well to be closed

Ancaster well to be closed


A natural well in Ancaster, which many people get drinking water from, may soon be shut off because of new drinking water standards.

A group called ‘Save Our Springs’ is fighting the closure of the well.

The water has not changed but rather the regulations have.

The levels of arsenic in this water are nearly double the new standard.

It is created by nature water pours from two taps day and night all year round.

For many it is where they get their drinking water, most of which come from Burlington to fill up.

These taps could soon be turned off for good.

The Hamilton Conservation Authority will vote on closing this artisan well in the fall because levels of arsenic in the water are nearly double the new Ontario drinking water standard.

Arsenic occurs naturally in the soil and rock. Many have been using and drinking this water for years.

The water is regularly tested.

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  1. This is a nonsense and invasive decision. It violates human rights and freedoms. Government should take care of Canadian citizens and not allow this to happen. The bottled water is not regulated in the same manner and there is nowhere listed how much arsenic is in the bottled water we buy from grocery stores.

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