This is what Democracy looks like! Thank you to the packed room of concerned citizens – just the beginning!

2 thoughts on “This is what Democracy looks like! Thank you to the packed room of concerned citizens – just the beginning!”

  1. My family is drinking this water for 20 years. Even after moving away from Dundas, we still go back every week to fill our bottles. As far as I am concerned, it is my business what water I drink. The government should be concerned with cleaning the smelly disgusting water coming out of my facet. Lots of examples where people got sick from tap water. Nobody I knew ever got sick from the water in Ancaster. I wonder if after closing the well, they might sell this water to a bottle-ing company just like it happend before. This spring water need to be left alone and left open for people to use.

  2. I totally agree with Andrea. We, also have been trekking from Pleasant Valley to the spring and filling our jugs ever 10 or 12 days. It is wonderful water – cold and clear, but above all, not contaminated by the hundreds of chemicals that end up in Lake Ontario, such as pharmaceuticals via body wastes or by dropping the expired meds into our waste water, or the pesticides that run-off from farm land, or the stuff from industry that was/is discharged into the Bay. There are literally hundreds of such poisons that ARE NOT FILTERED OUT BY OUR WATER INTAKE SYSTEM. How does one conduct health studies on the consequences of drinking this chemical soup? Health Canada does not have an answer, which means, we the public need to have the right to choose whether to intake a higher than standard level of arsenic, or go for the municipal supply that is loaded with poisons, albeit low concentrations, but nonetheless worrisome because of the vast array of them. Each of us should have the right to make our own choice under such circumstances, and so I applaud the efforts being made by SOS to make the case against closure of the wells in question.

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