3 thoughts on “Please take our Survey – tell us how you use the Ancaster Well!”

  1. I love visiting the Ancaster well with my 3 year old daughter. We have been coming here for the past 3 years. It connects us both to nature where pure water comes from. It is a JOY to visit this special place in the Dundas Valley(the trees, the butterflies, the creek). It brings PEACE knowing there is always a source of water flowing without the need for electricity. I know I am doing my body and my daughter’s body an honour by drinking THIS water. Pure, from the earth, untouched by humans. And abundantly available to ALL as all good quality water should be.

  2. We have been getting water at the spring for almost 20 years.we are both in our 80 s we are very healthy, seldom have a cold. It must be that good spring water. We hope we will be able to get it for many more years. Gerry and Diny.

  3. We have been visiting and collecting water from the Ancaster Artesian well for probably three years. We only just moved to the area in 2014. But for us getting our own water not only connects us with nature – which to us is very powerful (and symbolically, very Canadian) – but also gives us a sense of freedom and power. We get to choose. We get a say of what to put in our bodies. How fortunate I thought we were when we discovered this well.

    We drink and do all of our cooking with this water.

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