Fear of Litigation is the lowest form of governence

Is FEAR of Litigation a legitimate reason to fence in the Ancaster Well.

Councilor Ferguson thinks it does.

An un-named Legal counsel for the HCA thinks it does.

The water’s properties have not changed in the history of the well, the water is no more or less harmful than it has been ever.   Nothing has changed at the well.  There have been no reports of illness and in fact it is quite the opposite.

In depth surveys conducted by the SOS team this summer concluded that 90% of people accessing the well live within a 10 km radius.  Research also concluded that the same area has the healthiest people in Hamilton.

There has been no lawsuit, or illness, but yet the HCA would lead you to believe that their liability has increased.  How is that quantified?  How can there be any more or less liability if the water is the same as when they signed a legal contract to assume all liability.

The Fence is illegal.

This well was donated to the community by a local farmer and this land deed needs to be honored.