Will the next Ancaster, Dundas, Hamilton West Councillor do right by the Ancaster Well? – Save Our Spring asks you! – If you were elected Councillor would you make this situation, right?

If you run for Council of Ancaster Dundas Hamilton West – be prepared to address this topic.

The Ancaster Well is a Legacy of Farmer William Kennedy – who donated the land and deeded Public access for perpetuity, because he knew the wells were dug with Publicly funded money, and paid for with Community grants.  Ancaster Wells served the town of Ancaster as the community’s main water source, prior to Amalgamation.

Mr Kennedy passed away in 2014.  The Family farm has been up for sale.  He is not here to defend his legacy.  So we have to step up and do that for him.

When the Hamilton Conservation Authority purchased the Ancaster Well for $55,000 – and then obtained 60,000 in grants, assuring continued public access to the Ancaster Well.

Natural Escarpment Project Grant – 20,000

Natural Areas Protection Grant – 40,000

Despite these Grant Applications the Hamilton Conservation Authority were actively planning the development of this resource with Phase 3 – selling commercial water

Hamilton Conservation Site Development Plans showing Phase 3 – Commercialization

And indeed they embarked on a long study in 2002 it was decided, at that time bottling water would not be profitable…. That was 16 years ago…….

Could it be that after the land transfer in 1998, the Hamilton Conservation Authority could not further develop the land because of the Restrictive Covenants on the land document, which was protected by the still living Farmer William Kennedy.

Could it be that perhaps the Hamilton Conservation Authority and specifically Scott Peck, who knew that there were challenges with developing a Environmentally Sensitive Area.   Hoped that with the help of a vote from Councillor Ferguson hoped the community might forget that the HCA has a legal obligation to continue to provide public access to the Ancaster Well.

If you were Councillor and sitting on the board of a Corporation that is the Hamilton Conservation Authority and you pledged to consult the community and were charged with representing the people who elected you, and given that you have all of this information available to you.

Would you choose to Fence the Ancaster Well, or would you keep the Ancaster Well in the hand of your community?